Darma Muneeswaran Temple

Welcome to Darma Muneeswaran Temple


The Darma Muneeswaran Temple at Serangoon North Avenue1 has been in existences at its current site for more than one hundred years.

It was started as a simple shrine under a Bodhi tree, sometime around 1900. A community of about 30 Indian families residing in the vicinity, mostly involved in cattle-rearing activities, probably erected the shrine to protect themselves. It was- and still is common practice for a Muneeswaran deity to be installed as a guardian at the entrance to an estate village. The shrine then comprised only a flat, semi-spherical granite stone with inscriptions, and a Trident placed under a tree. The granite stone is now embedded below Lord Darma Muneeswaran in the current temple complex, while the Trident remains in its original site at the Bodhi tree.

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